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Who am I?

Merve Caglayan


I am a City Councillor of the City of Tampere, a Dive Master, a Computer Science student, and a future Member of Parliament. I am 29 years old, the child of a Finnish mother and a Turkish father who are both small business owners. I am a passionate defender of human rights, equality, and justice. I represent diversity and inclusivity: society has been built for too long on the terms of certain groups, and it is high time for it to change.

I am running for office because members of parliament should represent the whole nation, not just those whose lives have always met society's expectations. I know this better than anyone: I knew it when I moved to Finland after the Istanbul earthquake in '99, I knew it when I had to drop out of high school and finish it later while working full-time, and I knew it when I finally got into university at the age of 25. We need a Finland where everyone is accepted - even those of us whose paths have been different. We must fight for a country where everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams. No one's background should determine their future. None of us can influence the position in which we are born. That is why we must do everything in our power to ensure that everyone can have a good life. I do politics so that you can live in a different world; one where both people and nature can thrive.


I am ready to take on the next challenge and represent us in the Finnish parliament. Join me in supporting my journey as a candidate who works tirelessly for a better society. Be part of the change we desperately need.

My campaign themes


Justice and equality at the heart of everything

I entered politics because I have never been willing to just stand by and watch injustice. I want to drive changes that reduce inequality and promote equality. In my future, you won't need your spouse's permission to get sterilized, menstrual products will only be subject to a 10% tax instead of the current 24%, the care industry will have undergone a revolution in pay and working conditions, and the staff shortage in female-dominated professions will be a thing of the past. We will also implement policies that encourage fathers to stay at home with their children, and transition to a basic income to combat poverty and inequality in our society. We will pursue a humane immigration policy that treats people as human beings and respects their rights. In the future, mental health will be a part of our daily lives and help will no longer have to be waited for months when it is needed.


Fighting inequality through education, for more opportunities

Education must be accessible to all. Therefore, I will advocate for a Finland where education is free from early childhood to higher education, for both Finnish and international students. We will abandon first-time quotas and select students for universities based on subject-based entrance exams. Young people will be allowed to live their youth and search for themselves, and will not be punished for making wrong choices. Career counseling will be improved so that representatives of different genders apply to a wider range of education fields. We will invest in student well-being, so that universities can truly produce skilled professionals with the resources to solve global problems and the challenges facing our society.


A world where nature, animals, and the climate can thrive

I want to live in a world where nature is pure, valuable, and not destroyed, and animals are well. Therefore, I will work to ban fur farming and improve the welfare of production animals. In my world, we live within the limits of nature's carrying capacity and do not cut down more forests than necessary. Environmentally harmful projects will not be allowed, and most importantly, we will do everything in our power to stop the climate crisis and restore biodiversity.

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